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I have a php script which searches a mySQL database and returns all of its instances. I would like to use this instance data (string, string, string, list of lists of (string, string, string, string)) as parameter for a python script.

so how do i pass all this info to my python script? I know i use exec to execute the script, but how i do include the list of lists as a parameter?

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you cant well not exactly

you can use redirection to send text to the script

exec("something.py < inputstuff.txt");

or you can pass an argument list

exec("something.py arg1 arg2 arg3");

you could pass it in as a string representation and eval it inside the script or something if you use redirection the data should be available from sys.stdin if you pass it as an arg list the data should be available via sys.argv

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    $list = array('arg1', 'arg2');
    exec(sprintf('python script.py %s', escapeshellarg(implode(' ', $list)));

Then just use argparse: http://docs.python.org/library/argparse.html#module-argparse.

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