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I have a php file that receives data from a form and then writes that information to a txt file. It works great except sometimes users use " or ' when filling in the fields. When this happens the txt file of course has a \" or a \' I want to get rid of the \ so I want to use the stripslash function. Here is some samples from the php code, I just dont know where and how to use stripslash:


or should it be used on this part?

$savestring =  $carsearch . "\n" . $homesearch . "\n" . $next . "\n" . $item . "\n";

or maybe here:

fwrite($fp, $savestring);

I have left out most of the code on my php page to save space, but I just would really appreciate any help on where to use stripslash or if I should use another technique entirely. Thanks in advance

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You have magic quotes turned on. Turn it off and the slashes will go away.

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how do I turn off magic quotes? Sorry Im new to this –  Rookieatthis Jun 7 '12 at 16:24
oh I have to go to the ini file and adjust the settings using my control panel. I can take care of the rest. Thanks everyone. –  Rookieatthis Jun 7 '12 at 16:30

Unless you have some custom code to add it, the data shouldn't have / characters prefixing the quotes.

It might have \ if your version of PHP is not entirely up to date and you have magic quotes turned on.

If that is the case, just turn magic quotes off. They do more harm then good.

If you can't (and if that is the case I recommend adding that problem instead), then the comments on the documentation I linked to above include some functions for fixing data that has been tainted by magic quotes.

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