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In a Rails 3.2 app I have a polymorphic ActivtyFeed model.

class ActivityFeed
  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :feedable, polymorphic: true

I need to aggregate some items in the ActivityFeed index view. For example, instead of rendering separate items for each photo, I want to group photos by a date or event, and display "User uploaded x photos".

My controller looks like this:

@feed_items = @user.activity_feeds.sort_by(&:created_at)
@feed_array = []
photos = @feed_items.find_all{|f|f.feedable_type.eql?("Photo")}
@feed_array << @feed_items
grouped_photos = photos.group_by{|p| p.feedable.event_id}
@feed_array << grouped_photos

Then in the views I'm using e.g.

if feed_array.class.eql?(Hash)
  render grouped photo partial
elsif feed_array.feedable_type.eql?("Post")
  render single post partial

I'm having trouble sorting items chronologically, because the array contains a nested hash.

[#<ActivityFeed id: 7, user_id: 2, feedable_type: "Post", feedable_id: 3>, {2=>[#<ActivityFeed id 3, user_id: 4, feedable_type: "Photo", feedable_id: 6>]}]

How can I sort this array?

I've tried @feed_array.sort{|a,b| a.['created_at'] <=> b.['created_at'] } but got comparison of ActivityFeed with Hash failed

Is this the best approach, or is there a better way to go?

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you can merge the array and the hash and then sort it

merged.sort {|a,b| a.method <=> b.method }

you only need to tell the sort how to sort the objects

one suggestion, instead of



@user.activity_feeds.order('created_at ASC')

that should be faster, since you already get the activities sorted from the database (if activity_feeds is a relation)

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thanks @arielijuad. Sorry, I'm having trouble working out how to implement this. Say @feed_array.flatten = [< ActivityFeed id:1 created_at:'second'> 2 => <ActivityFeed id:3 created_at:'first'>]. Would I write something like @feed_array.sort{|a,b| a.created_at ASC <=> b.???.created_at ASC}? Thanks – Andy Harvey Jun 7 '12 at 18:25
@feed_array.sort{|a,b| a.['created_at'] <=> b.['created_at'] } seemed like it should work, but I get comparison of ActivityFeed with Hash failed. Any ideas? – Andy Harvey Jun 8 '12 at 4:27
if you can put some code to recreate your merged @feed_array array it would be easier, add the code to the question – arieljuod Jun 8 '12 at 19:07
thanks @arieljuod. ActivtyFeed has :user_id, :event_id, :feedable_type, :feedable_id attributes. I already have a description of how I'm creating the merged feed in my question. Let me know what extra info you need, and I;d be happy to add it. Thanks so much for your help. – Andy Harvey Jun 8 '12 at 19:50
instead of merging the array with the hash, merge the array with hash.values, then you'll have an array only of ActivityFeeds and a.created_at <=> b.created_at will work – arieljuod Jun 11 '12 at 12:32

Well you need to do little bit modification to your original design.

What I would suggest is to add event to activity feed and also you need to keep the original photo to the activity feed as well.

Because, by keeping photo as a activity feed you will be able to display a single photo on your activty stream when the photo is not associated with any event. But, if every photo belongs to an event then you can remove the photo from activity feed.

Then every object will be activity feed and can be sorted easily based on created_at. Also you don't need to extract the photos manually.

Hope this will help!

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