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my problem is:

I developed a web application (only html and javascript, it doesn't need any server enviroment like for example PHP interpreter). I'd like to make it similar to a desktop application, so I downloaded a portable version of Google Chrome and I created an application shortcut to the local file. Now the problem is: the shortcut uses an absolute path but I need a relative path so that the app will work in every Filesystem location.

Could someone help me? Is there a solution for relative path? Otherwise is there another solution instead of Chrome application shortcut?

Thanks a lot.

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I found this answer on a microsoft forum:


I think that should work for your problem as well.

Hope that helps!

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Checkout the question: Convert Javascript app into Windows app

They discuss multiple solutions on there. Two of the ones that looked like something worth trying to me were renaming your main html files to hta or the Chromeless application.

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