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CruiseControl.net ships with the ability to connect to a CruiseControl.net server using .net remoting. I've been able to connect and achieve all we need - a much more advanced version of the CCtray.

However, a project can be configured to ask for a buildReason, this is fulfilled by subscribing to the ICruiseServer.ForceBuildReceived event, which as an argument takes an object which allows the reason the be returned.


this much I have figured by looking at the source code for the server. However subscribing to said event in the client, throws a RemotingException, which says to enable the remote server's customErrors option in its config file.

Has anyone else managed to achieve this? or have I got the process of providing a build reason wrong some how?

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I haven't (managed to) edit the server.config file as yet, however I think the issue is related to marshalling the event handler from the server, i.e. sinks or serialisation – Simon Laing Jun 7 '12 at 16:57
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It turns out the answer is to use a BuildProjectRequest instead out ProjectRequest as this allows you to specify parameters for the build. I've used the same name as in the Project.ListBuildParameters() call with a $ prefix to match the others.

Any parameter which is added will appear in the build log, and is sufficient for storing a reason for the build being forced.

Thanks to Automated Coder (Craig Sutherland) for this post which helped point me in the right direction.


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Turns out the post has been removed, see web.archive.org/web/20090516002426/http://csut017.wordpress.com/… – Simon Laing Dec 10 '15 at 18:12

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