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I am trying to create a tabbar similar to the one seen on the Target department store IOS App. It looks so professional but I am no-where at trying to even begin on it because I don't know where to even begin. It is really unique looking and autohides while still leaving a little lip sticking out for the user to re-access it if they need to or at least let them know that something is there.

I have been looking everywhere for some help but have not found anything at all. Can someone please give me some direction please?

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This should help you get on your way.

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In addition to have a quicker reference you can look at Custom Colors on my site: Erran Carey and the project @user1181046 linked two is on github here: RXCustomTabBar –  erran Jun 7 '12 at 18:48
Thank you so much for the help... did you see the one on the Target app? That is actually what I'm kinda looking for but I'm not sure if I ama asking the right questions and using the right terminology. I think it is a Tabbar but maybe it's not.... –  Dbrown Jun 8 '12 at 1:16

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