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I am using php 5.2 version and I have installed mongodb driver in zend server. Also Added extension parameter in php.ini file i.e extesnions=mongoddb.dll.

however when I run phpinfo page on my local machine, there is no mongodb details displayed.

Any idea, how to install mongodb driver on zendserver, pls. guide me

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Check out the installation guide. If you're using windows then you have to download the binaries for your PHP-version, for any other OS you can just compile it using pecl. –  vstm Jun 7 '12 at 19:13

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I would check that you have the correct path to the php.ini used by Zend Server .. by default this should be:

C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendServer\etc\php.ini

You can confirm this by creating a test.php containing:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

View test.php (as served through Zend Server) in a web browser and search for "Configuration File (php.ini) Path" to verify the ini path.

The additional line to add to php.ini is:


Assuming you download the correct 32- or 64-bit Windows zip from:

.. you'll want to copy & rename the appropriate DLL from the zip, which should be similar to:

php_mongo-1.2.10-5.2-vc9-nts.dll => C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendServer\lib\php_extensions\php_mongo.dll

After installing the extension and restarting Zend Server, would suggest you revisit the test.php (phpinfo) output to confirm the "mongo" extension is now enabled.

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Thanks, it worked for me! I was using wrong dll –  flex Jun 8 '12 at 4:13

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