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I am very new to WIX installer, I have the following feature:

<Feature Id="F_MyFeature" Title="My Feature" TypicalDefault="install" Level="1" Display="expand" >

Obviously it shows in the feature list as "Will be installed on local hard drive"

I want this feature to show the "X" on it and not to be installed by default, how do I do that ?

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Features are marked for installation only if their Level is lower than INSTALLLEVEL property value. Most installers have a low INSTALLLEVEL, for example 4 or 1000.

So to make your feature not installed by default (with an X next to it), simply set it's Level to a very high value. For example 32767:

<Feature Id="F_MyFeature" Title="My Feature" TypicalDefault="install" Level="32767" Display="expand" >
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