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I've just started looking into python and django.. Im pretty sure ive successfull installed both python and the django framework and i managed to add python and to my system path but now when i run the command startproject My_Test_Site, in the folder i want to create a new project directory in (just following the tutorials), i get the following error:

Command prompt screenshot of the error i'm getting

What am i doing wrong?

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This is not a Django error. It appears it cannot find the Python module unicodedata which is part of the Python Standard Library (docs). I see that there is also a bug report about this issue (Python 2.7 on Windows, see here). On the other hand, some people there report that reinstalling their Python installation fixed the problem. You could give that a try.

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Ah thanks, I un-installed python and found an older version of python (2.7.2) to install. Then i tried exactly the same thing and it worked without issue. – Holly Jun 7 '12 at 21:47

notice the last line, it says import unicodedata, importError

im guessing you probably didnt install your django properly.

so reinstall it and check that django is in your "path", i believe django does this automatically when it installs but doesnt hurt to double check.

if reinstalling django still doesn't work, i suggest you uninstall python and django related stuff.

then install python, install pip, then use pip install django.

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