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I create a product, and I like to include into my product the source code of another developer that is available under GPLv2.

What I like to ask is:

Can I embed other GPLv2 code into my product, and if so how ? (I mean, is there any special rule to do that based on the license)

Have I to share my product with GPLv2 license ? Have I to share my product out of charge ?

I know that this place may not be the best for that question, but I don't know where else can I make that question. If there is any better place show me to go.

Sorry for asking here, but the GPLv2 is not available in my native language, thus I cannot understant the most of the described rules.

Kind regards Merianos Nikos

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If you use GPLv2 code you must release your own program under GPLv2 or GPLv3. You must understand one of those licenses entirely before going forward otherwise you may end up with unwanted problems in the future.

In short:

  • You must release the source code of your program to all your customers. You do not need to release it to anybody else.
  • You may charge money for the software, but:
  • Your customers will be allowed to make copies and use your program as they wish free of charge.
  • Your customers may also give or sell copies to others of your entire program, including the source code (under the same GPL license).
  • They will have the right to do changes to your program and recompile. They may copy and/or sell the changes as they wish (under the same GPL license).

You can not restrict this. You can not have any contract saying that the customer must pay you for their own copies (such contracts does not apply to GPL licensed software). This means that you in practice may only be able to sell the first copy to any single customer because they will be free to make further copies for themselves (and they may also copy the software to others).

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