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I'd like to use generate-id in my xslt stylesheet. However, this function generates a 8 character long id.

Is there a way to make the id have only two characters ? Of course this makes a limited number of possible id (1296 possibilities), but I will never need to go beyond that limit.


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It might always be an 8-character string for your XSLT processor, but that's a feature of your processor, not of the language specification. –  Michael Kay Jun 7 '12 at 20:39

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If you only need the ID to be unique for nodes within a single document, you could use

<xsl:number count="*" level="any" from="/*" format="a"/>
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This is the solution i've come to. Unfortunately, I cannot use it as I would do generate-id(..) –  paul Jun 8 '12 at 21:04

You'd have much more than 1296 possibilities with 2 characters if you wanted to use all the unicode characters that are allowed in an XML name!

Unfortunately, XSLT processors are free to decide how that create IDs for the generate-id() function (meaning that depending on the processor you are using you can get more or less then 8 characters).

That being said, if that's really important to you, you should be able to write your own generate-id() based on the number of preceding siblings and ancestor node nodes (count(ancestor::node()|preceding::node()))... You could convert this number into a two character id using lookup tables or any other mechanism and that would probably not be very efficient but that should work...

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