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I just recently started learning dojo for personnal use and for experience. So far, I have been doing the tutorials on various dojo stuff (on their website and over the web) and I have been "struggling" with implementing a concrete infrastructure for more complex application (or good practice). I have find one interesting project ( and article ( With that, I think my first problem is resolved. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

I feel like the tutorial on i18n is missing concrete implementation. For example, I would like to add i18n on the dialog box from the boilerplate project.

define([ 'dojo/_base/declare', 'dijit/Dialog' ], function (declare, Dialog) {
    return declare(Dialog, {
        title: 'Hello World',
        content: 'Loaded successfully!'

Here, My project hierarchy is:

enter image description here

AS you can see, I create my own nls folder for my application and store for different (lang-locale) my "strings". Now, how do I specify the locale content on title or content for my dialog code above. I have done recently i18n on ruby on rails (with the concept of MVC) and depending on my view I had to create for this specific view a file for localization (.yml). I know that RoR and Dojo are really not the same thing, but does a widget (could be compared to my view) and so each widget needs to have their own localization... I have come accross 2 tutorials, first and second. Maybe, I'm reading it all wrong.

I have something like this right now, but it doesn't work.. What am I missing?

dojo.requireLocalization("app", "dialog");

define([ 'dojo/_base/declare', 'dijit/i18n' 'dijit/Dialog' ], function (declare, Dialog) {
    i18n: dojo.i18n.getLocalization("app", "dialog"),
    return declare(Dialog, {
        title: i18n.title,
        content: i18n.content

Thank you.


define([ 'dojo/_base/declare', 'dojo/i18n!app/nls/labels', 'dijit/Dialog' ], function (declare, labels, Dialog) {
    return declare(Dialog, {
        title: labels.title,
        content: labels.content

I have no error now, but my labels.title is empty...?

EDIT(1): I forgot to add the root on the default nls folder.

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Here's an example of how I have built some dialogs with localization.

directory structure



define("myApp/dialog/myDialog", [
  "dojo", "dijit/Dialog", "dojo/i18n", 
  "dojo/i18n!./nls/dialog" // this is a relative path to the 
                           // dialog.js from myDialog.js
], function(dojo, Dialog) {

  var i18n = dojo.i18n.getLocalization(
    "myApp.dialog",  // this is the directory path to the nls folder
    "dialog"         // this is the file

  return declare(Dialog, {
    title:    i18n.title,
    content:  i18n.content
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A more detailed example can be seen at… – Craig Swing Jun 7 '12 at 18:51
look at my edit... I got i18n.title empty? – fneron Jun 7 '12 at 19:56
ahh forgot to add "root:" on the default nls. Thank you. – fneron Jun 7 '12 at 20:01

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