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I know this should be simple but I can't work it out.

I have a column that is calculated with the sum of the 3 columns to the left of it. E.g. SUM(C1-C3).

When I fill that down, each cell correctly gets its formula. E.g.

C4 = SUM(C1-C3)
D4 = SUM(D1-D3)
E4 = SUM(E1-E3)

I only need to do one more thing. I have a cell containing a number I'd like to remove from each of these cells, so my formula would be:

C4 = SUM(C1-C3) - J30
D4 = SUM(D1-D3) - J30
E4 = SUM(E1-E3) - J30

When I fill down from the C4 square's formula though it starts guessing more like this:

C4 = SUM(C1-C3) - J30
D4 = SUM(D1-D3) - J31
E4 = SUM(E1-E3) - J32

How can I get it to select J30 each time instead of automatically assuming I want it to increase for each row?

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Use $ in front of the cell names:

C4 = SUM(C1-C3) - $J$30

This will fill down as:

C4 = SUM(C1-C3) - $J$30
D4 = SUM(D1-D3) - $J$30
E4 = SUM(E1-E3) - $J$30
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Knew it would be something simple, haha. Thanks man. –  John Humphreys - w00te Jun 7 '12 at 18:44

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