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I try to write a procedure that gets a string and make copy of it on the stack.

that's my code:

cpyStr proc
    mov bp, sp    
;   save the IP
    mov bx, sp
;   copy the counter loop
    mov cx, [bp+4]
;   make local variable - need 30 bytes
    sub sp, [bp+4] * 2; length is byte so duplicate for word ...
;   copy the string's offset
    mov si, [bp+2] ; offset to si
    sub bx, 2 ; next word
    mov ax, [si] ; store the character in ax
    mov [bp], ax ; copy to stack's currect word
;   to the next .. 
    add si, 1 ; go to next character
loop copy
;   print
    push bx ; send local string var as parameter for printStr
    call printStr 
;   return the IP
    push    bx
;   returtn to main ....
    ret 4 ; delete 2 parameters 
endp ; end


    mov ax,@DATA
    mov ds,ax
; print
    push strSize
    push offset string
    call cpyStr
; msg
    push offset passed
    call printStr
; end
    mov ah,4ch
    mov al,0
    int 21H
end start

Data segment:

string  db "Heello$"
strSize dw  8
passed  db "Passed$"

For some reason it does not process successfully.

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You have at least three problems.

First, your copying starts by writing into [bp], overwriting the return address of the function. Your stack buffer starts at [sp]. Second, you traverse the source buffer going forward and the destination buffer going backward, reversing the string. Third, you jump by 2 bytes in the destination buffer but only by 1 byte in the source buffer. The correct code should look more or less like this

    cpyStr proc
    mov bp, sp
    mov cx, [bp+4]
    sub sp, cx
    add cx, 1
    shr cx, 1
    mov si, [bp+2]
    mov bx, sp
    mov ax, [si]
    mov [bx], ax
    add bx, 2
    add si, 2
    loop copy

    push sp
    call printStr
    mov sp, bp
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Thank you for the reply. I tried - why does SP is FFDE? – nimrod Jun 9 '12 at 1:57

Should it not be: string db "Hello", $ in the data segment as well as passed db "Passed", $

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Also to terminate use: mov ax, 4c00h instead of mov ah,4ch... – Gerald Spreer Jun 7 '12 at 18:45
it is in the data segment already .. – nimrod Jun 7 '12 at 18:50
The $ sign has to be outside the string like this: string db "Hello", $ – Gerald Spreer Jun 7 '12 at 18:57
It is not the problem. I always using inside $ sign and I have never problem with it. I'm sure the problem is in the cpyStr proc. – nimrod Jun 7 '12 at 18:59
How does your printStr routine look? – Gerald Spreer Jun 8 '12 at 10:59

Should the code not be:

loop copy
mov sp, bx
pop sp           ;pop instead of push
call printStr

ret 4
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