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I have a UNC path like \\machine\share\folder\something\ and I need to be able to open that location in windows explorer when a button is clicked. What WPF control should I use and how should I bind to that control from my viewModel?

An example of my viewModel is:

public class ViewModel : Screen {
    public string LogPath { get { return "\\machine\share\folder\something"; } }

I'm using Caliburn Micro, but I don't know if that's relevant.

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If I'm understanding your question properly, the use of WPF, Caliburn, etc is fairly irrelevant. You simply need a function on your ViewModel that runs the following code:

        Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo
                          FileName = "\\\\machine\\share\\folder\\something",
                          UseShellExecute = true

I would use a simple Button control with a Command that is bound to your ViewModel, and potentially a CommandArgument to specify the path to launch if you need to.

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