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I got a little lazy and just used PHP to store all these values, I should be using Javascript to do this though. Whats the best way to do the following in Javascript? I would then be using jQuery's .each function to loop through it.

  $accessories = array (
       array('name' => 'Chrome pull out wire Basket 500 & 600 wide ', 'price' => '60'),
       array('name' => 'Chrome shoe rack 2 Tier', 'price' => '95'),
       array('name' => 'Chrome Shoe Rack 3 Tier', 'price' => '145'),
       array('name' => 'Chrome pull out trouser rack', 'price' => '40'),
       array('name' => 'Pull out tie rack', 'price' => '135'),
       array('name' => 'Pull Down hanging Rail 450mm to 1190mm width', 'price' => '33.50'),
       array('name' => 'Corner Hanging Rail', 'price' => '33.50')
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JavaScript doesn't have associative arrays, so you'd have to build it as a series of objects in an array.

var accessories = [
    { 'name' : 'Chrome pull out...', 'price' : 60 },
    { 'name' : 'Chrome shoe rack..', 'price' : 95 }

You could then cycle over it using $.each as you requested:

$.each( accessories, function(){
    alert( this.name );

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jonathansampson/HXwMc/

Quickly Convert PHP Array to JSON

You can get the above structure easily by passing the array through json_encode():

echo json_encode( $accessories );
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+1, and you (possibly without knowing) corrected the spelling of accessories which the OP should probably do as well. –  Paulpro Jun 7 '12 at 19:47

It would probably look like this:

var array = [
    {"name": "Chrome pull out wire Basket 500 & 600 wide ", "price": "60"},
    {"name": "Chrome shoe rack 2 Tier", "price": "95"},
    {"name": "Chrome Shoe Rack 3 Tier", "price": "145"},
    {"name": "Chrome pull out trouser rack", "price": "40"},
    {"name": "Pull out tie rack", "price": "135"},
    {"name": "Pull Down hanging Rail 450mm to 1190mm width", "price": "33.50"},
    {"name": "Corner Hanging Rail", "price": "33.50"}

Note that this is an array of objects. JavaScript doesn't have associative arrays, those are objects.

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As Jonathan noted, that's an array of objects in Javascript. It would look like this

var accessories = [
    name: 'hello',
    price: 1.00,
    name: 'world',
    price: 2.50,
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