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  1. I requested an Access Token with user_photos and friend_photos permissions
  2. I did[friend's id]/albums?access_token=[access token]
  3. For some of my friends, I got results and for other friends, I get an empty JSON data set { "data": [ ] }

If I do the same thing using the Access Token Facebook generates for me for use with their examples on the Core Concepts > Graph API page at
I am able to access all my friend's albums without any problems. So obviously the token and the permission is the problem.

So what am I doing wrong? The documentation seems to indicate that friends_photos should be a sufficient permission.

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Every user can state in their privacy settings what kind of information they want to share with apps if a friend of them gives the app a friends-permission.

So if some user said, „Don’t let apps access my albums/photos/whatever just because a friend thinks I might be willing to share them” – then of course you get no data for that person.

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Thanks for your answer. But if that were the problem, why AM I able to see their album info through the API when I use the access token Facebook generated for me for use with their examples on the Core Concepts > Graph API page? It implies there is a higher-level permission that I could request that would allow me to see their albums. – Atagus Sood Jun 8 '12 at 12:57
Is there any chance the friends are using the graph api explorer app/ have used the sample app from the docs? You may also be seeing photos which were uploaded as status updates, which need read_stream (or user_status, friends_status, etc) permission – Igy Oct 29 '12 at 20:10

CBroe appears to be correct.

Since I could not find it, the setting that will exclude all user photos and albums from apps can be found by going to Privacy Settings > Apps, Games and Websites > How people bring your info to the apps they use > De-check My photos.

Here is a screen shot:

enter image description here

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this option just make our life harder... and still have full access, and my users are wondering why my app says their friends have no photo – Zennichimaro Dec 6 '12 at 3:14
Yeah, it is a real bummer. Personally I think apps should have any privileges a user has. – Jeshua Lacock Mar 12 '13 at 3:11

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