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Does anyone have any examples/plugins/resources of Urban Airship working with Cordova 1.7?

All of the examples and plugins I've come across are old.

Thanks very much!

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urbanairship has released libraries and examples for android/ios here:

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We use

and then you need to send device token to UA - we use these two functions to do that - set your app_key and secret in the first one. and then call it from somewhere..

    function registerDevice(callback) {
        console.log("calling registerDevice");
        window.plugins.pushNotification.registerDevice({alert:true, badge:true, sound:true},function(status) {
                if (status.deviceToken) {
                    window.token = status.deviceToken;
                    if (status) {
                        registerUAPush(token, "", "YOUR_APP_KEY", "YOUR_APP_SECRET", callback);
                    } else {

which calls

function registerUAPush(deviceToken, host, appKey, appSecret, callback) {

        console.log('Registering with Urban Airship Push Service...');

        var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

        // open the client and encode our URL'PUT', host+'api/device_tokens/'+deviceToken, true, appKey, appSecret);

        // callback when request finished
        request.onload = function() {
            console.log('Status: ' + this.status + '<br>');

            if(this.status == 200 || this.status == 201) {
                // register UA push success
                console.log('UA push service successfully registered.');
            } else {
              // error
                console.log('Error when registering UA push service.<br>error: '+this.statusText);

            callback(this.status == 200 || this.status == 201);


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