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I have a very little piece of code for testing an array_walk test.

I thought that I could do the same with foreach but then when I pass the value it doesn't get modified:

$frutas = [ "d" => "limón", "a" => "naranja", "b" => "banana", "c" => "manzana" ];

function test_alter(&$elemento)
  $elemento = "prefijo: $elemento";
  echo "$elemento <br>";

foreach($frutas as $clave => $valor) {
  test_alter($valor, $clave);
print_r( $frutas ); 

Which outputs:

prefijo: limón
prefijo: naranja
prefijo: banana
prefijo: manzana
Array ( [d] => limón [a] => naranja [b] => banana [c] => manzana ) 

Obviously not modifying array value although its passed by reference.

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You are passing $valor to the function ... foreach values are not 'referenced' values, so you are altering a temporary value, not the actual array value ...

try this in your foreach loop:


or, you could:

foreach($frutas as $clave => &$valor){
    test_alter($valor, $clave);
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Thanks, both worked but I noticed in the second example that its not necessary to pass $clave to test_alter isnt it? (I deleted it and got the same result). – JorgeeFG Jun 7 '12 at 20:29
I was just using the code you had ... you are passing $clave in your original example ... I agree that it is not necessary, as your test_alter function does not accept a second parameter – dleiftah Jun 7 '12 at 20:31
Oh, was my mistake (I was editing it and trying different things). Thanks a lot for your time. – JorgeeFG Jun 7 '12 at 20:34

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