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I have to change a CL program on an iSeries computer. The original CL has a variable called &SEQ. It is a text field with a value of '001'. Is there a way possible in CL to add one to the value to make it '002'? I'm not familiar with CL programming, so I don't know if you can do mathematic functions on a character variable. Thanks for any help!

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Do to that you have to use a *DEC CL variable and then move it into the text field. At the top of the program add the following line:


Then in the program at the point where you want to increment the sequence number do this:


What is going on here? You declare the numeric variable &SEQNBR with an initial value of 1. Then increment it using the CHGVAR command. This makes its value 2. Then you move it to the text field &SEQ and it will receive the value as '002'.

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Thanks, Mr. Cozzi! Worked like a charm. – Kevin Jun 8 '12 at 12:05

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