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I've been following the google recaptcha instructions and am at the point where I want to add server side verification:


But when I look at that page, I get a description of some of the methods, but not instructions on what exactly I write into my view. What exactly do I write onto my view to call on google's verification?

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Make sure you reference Recaptcha in your controller and then validate on the post

@using Recaptcha; // goes in your controller 

This is an example of how to validate server-side

public ActionResult ForgotPassword(CheckUsernameViewModel model, bool captchaValid, string captchaErrorMessage) {
    if(ModelState.IsValid) {
        if(captchaValid) {
            // do stuff
        ModelState.AddModelError("", captchaErrorMessage);
    return View(model);

For all the info, see my posted answer here for the walkthrough to implement correctly.

How to implement Google reCaptcha in an MVC3 application?

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You could use ASP.NET Web Helpers Library. It contains methods that render ReCaptcha, as well as other common widgets. Here's a link to NuGet package.

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