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I need to migrate the data (including the tables, procedures, schemas) from Sql Server 2005 to Oracle 10g. Can someone suggest me a way to do it? Thanks.

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Take a look at the Oracle Migration Workbench

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SwisSQL have a commercial tool that will do that. It can go from and to several different database vendors. I've used it before to go from SQL Server to Oracle and it works well.

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The best way to work around is by using ORACLE GATEWAY First create tables, views, stored procedures and triggers in ORACLE and then using ORACLE GATEWAY you can directly insert the data from SQLSERVER to ORACLE.

But you need to be cautious about data types. For migrating data from Image, TEXT you need to use *DBMS_Sql*

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One of the possible options is to use SQL Developer. It is an Oracle free tool, which migrates both database objects and data. However, you need to have high level of knowledge in database migration, in particular experience of working with Oracle and SQL Server. Sometimes the results of automatic migration with SQL Developer require significant manual adjustments.

Another possible option is to use our tool. It is a paid tool; however, it is flexible and customizable. For example, the tool has some set default conversion rules, but a project may require converting something in another way, so we do it for a client as a separate tool customization. Moreover, we can refactor the code. In addition, we provide support, which means technical help from our technical specialists. If you have embedded SQL, the migration may be automated. However, the tool has its peculiarity: The migration of data occurs with an intermediate step: our tool captures data from a source database, saves it in files, and only after imports data to the target database.

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