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I can't get a simple attribute value from SOAP response using SOAP::Lite. Below the code and output of SOAP::Data. I'm trying to get value of the attribute //response/dirn/attr/uuid

my $cm = new SOAP::Lite
  uri => '',
  proxy => "";

my $res = $cm->getPhone(
  SOAP::Data->name(phoneName => 'SEP00270D3D7A4C'),

for my $i ($res->valueof('//device/lines/line')) {
  print Dumper($i);
  #print $i->{dirn}->{attr}->{'uuid'}."\n"; # line below give me an error

Here the output of Data::Dumper. I actually have the requested value, but I can't get it through SOAP::Data

$VAR1 = \bless( {
'_signature' => [],
'_value' => [
  bless( {
    '_name' => 'dirn',
    '_signature' => [],
    '_value' => [
    '_prefix' => '',
    '_attr' => {
      'uuid' => '{615C3550-1EFD-56C7-3788-2AA8725880E3}' #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  }, 'SOAP::Data' ),
'_attr' => {}
}, 'SOAP::Data' );

I spent about several hours trying to get this attribute value. I've already thinking about using output of Data::Dumper to get the value as fast and dirty hack.

Thanks in advance

P.S.: SOAP Server is Cisco CUCM 6.1.5

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I think, though, I'm not sure about the [0].

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I have same issue, but can not find an "quick and easy" solution to it. I developed a Perl library module to use certain vendor Web Service (WSDL). I had done many of such Web Service interfaces, but until now - all of the data was returned as XML "elements". On the contrary, this particular Web Service returns most of the data as XML elements, but also sets some - as XML attributes. I can not get values returned as attributes - since SOAP::Data methods (valueof(), body(), etc.) only return values of XML elements, but not associated attributes.

This problem is a little different from the one posted before - in that I do not know up front the XML structure that is being returned (given web service provides many different methods, and each - has different response).

So question is - how it is possible to get all of the XML data (both elements and attributes) for a generic response SOAP data

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I went through the same thing recently and found the answer, refer to my question and my updated answer in the comments section. Extract specific XML element in CDATA taken from SOAP::Lite Response Hash

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