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I am having a strange issue when trying to pass a service to my custom validation methods.

Here is my scenario: I am implementing an import process that does a bunch of work on the server-side. Basically the process reads a bunch of files and imports the data from those files into the database. I have created a DataProvider class, which basically acts as a container for all of the data I am interacting with. I would like to query the data in this container from within my validation methods, hence the need for the ValidationContext. I have added a property to my main service, which holds an instance of my data provider, then I'm adding the service to the ValidationContext. I'm triggering the entity validation manually by calling Validator.TryValidateObject.

Now here is the issue: For some reason, the ServiceContainer is always empty in the ValidationContext object for every validation method. I've tried a bunch of different things and can't figure out why the service isn't passing with the ValidationContext. The service exists immediately before the call to Validator.TryValidateObject, but once it gets to the ValidationMethod the service is gone.

One weird thing I've noticed and am using as a workaround for now is when I use the IValidatableObject interface on my entity class. Inside of the required Validate method, the service is being passed correctly.

Anyone have any idea why the service would be passed to this method but not my custom validation methods?

* Code Examples * Here is the Initialize method of my Domain Service:

public override void Initialize(DomainServiceContext context)
        this.ValidationContext = new ValidationContext(this, context, null);
        this.ValidationContext.ServiceContainer.AddService(typeof(MyDomainService), this);

        this.DataProvider = new MyDomainServiceDataProvider(this.ObjectContext);

Then I have a server side class (DataImporter) that contains a method that dynamically calls the Validator.TryValidateObject method for each entity. Basically, I'm creating an instance of my DataImporter class from an invoke method in my DomainService and passing my current instance of my DomainService, along with the ObjectContext and ServiceContext, to my DataImporter. Then in my DataImporter, I have the following code to create the ValidationContext and call the entity specific ValidateEntity method:

ValidationContext validationContext = new ValidationContext(objectContextEntity, this.ServiceContext, null);
validationContext.ServiceContainer.AddService(typeof(PSSpecDomainService), this.DomainService, true);

MethodInfo validateEntityMethod = objectContextEntity.GetType().GetMethod("ValidateEntity");
validateEntityMethod.Invoke(objectContextEntity, new object[] { validationContext });

On each of my entities, I have a method called ValidateEntity which will invoke the Validator.TryValidateObject method. Here is a simplified version of that method.

public bool ValidateEntity(ValidationContext validationContext = null)


        validationContext = validationContext != null ? validationContext : new ValidationContext(this, null, null);


        validationContext = validationContext != null ? validationContext : new ValidationContext(this);


        return Validator.TryValidateObject(this, validationContext, this.ValidationErrors, true);

Finally, here is the start of my custom validation method:

public static ValidationResult IsSomethingValid(string changedValue, ValidationContext context)

When I get to the entities ValidateEntity method, the ValidationContext parameter contains the service that I have provided, but when I get to the custom validation method, the service is no longer there (ServerContainer is empty).

Another thing I have noticed today is that when I don't fire off the validation manually, my Validate method (which is required for IValidatableObject) doesn't contain the service like it does when I manually fire off the validation request. Am I missing something?

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Please share the code that sets of the ValidationContext and any other code that would help us understand the context of your question. – Ed Chapel Jun 8 '12 at 15:26
Can anyone see anything that I am missing that is preventing this from working? – BradW Jun 11 '12 at 13:20
Does anyone have any suggestions? – BradW Jun 13 '12 at 12:33

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