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Javascript/JQuery Datagrid to Show/Edit/Enter data in tables

I want views on the best data grid to use with JS/JQuery

I want to use it with JSON and with arrays also...

The more light the grid the better (less size)

The more compact the better (ideally only 1 *.js file to import)

Should show data in lines/cols system and have facilities to work with rows and colums (get/set data in row/col/cell, hide/show row/column, hi-lite row/column/cell/range, selece row/coll/cell/range, return array os data in row/col/cell/range, etc.) If you know more facilities the grid should have (are more or less standard in data grids) please comment...

Free to use or better... Open source! I was following the progress in JQueryGrid but is taking to long to be available...


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I guess this guy is as pis*of as I am about the datagrid and the other "not so good stuff" in js/html/css... thank God there are JQuery/JSON and a few other stuff... but there must be more... --- **bold Zed A. Shaw - The Web Will Die When OOP Dies >> link – ZEE Jun 7 '12 at 22:12

I'm not 100% getting what you want but maybe take a look a this open source JavaScript library: EditableGrid it has most of the things you asked...I guess

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