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I have a very specific questions about using JSF and component libraries.

I tested to build WAB (OSG-fied WAR) package with Primefaces. It turns out that there are problems in integrating JSF and Primefaces when using OSGI.

There are several ways to integrate JSF and Primefaces which I want to ask how to atchieve:

  1. I can build Primefaces.jar as OSGI bundle. I can export the Java methods as services but there are xml configuration files and etc which I suppose I cannot use in separate OSGI bundle. Is this correct or am I wrong?

  2. Is it possible to make a custom build of Mojarra with integrated Primefaces components. If I manage to do this I can simply deploy the modified Mojarra as Glassfish module build an use it very simple and efficient. If someone managed to achieve this would you share some information about it?

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Deploy Primefaces.jar as OSGI bundle in Glassfish. Copy the tags declaration from primefaces-p.taglib.xml. And also take a look at this tutorial how to create custom tags. I'm not sure but you also need to copy/paste the JS, css and pictures into you bundle.

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