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I have to read a file encoded in UTF-16 using nodejs (in chunks because it is very large). The data from the file will go into a mongodb, so I will need to convert it into utf-8. From googling, it seems that this is just plain not supported by Node, and I will have to resort to converting the raw data from a buffer myself. But I also think there ought to be a better way and I'm just not finding it. Any suggestions?


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It should supports ucs2, which is pretty close to UTF-16. –  Ryan Olds Jun 7 '12 at 22:31

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Node supports UCS-2, the UTF-16 subset supported by JavaScript. Try using that.

See this pull request.

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Replace the normal utf8 you'd have when reading a text file with ucs2:

var fileContents = fs.readFileSync('import.csv','ucs2')

Also, for Google: anyone getting additional � (question mark) characters appearing in a parsed file, this is probably the cause of your problem. Read the file as UTF16/UCS2 and the extra characters will disappear.

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