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This question is in regards to Mike Bostock's very exciting d3.js library in general, and more specifically the treemap plot. Note: treemap seems to have two versions, the "talk version" and the "example version". My question relates to the "talk version," which has the zoom feature.

My question is more of a wish: How difficult would it be to extend treemap to accommodate and show multiple internal nodes, with multiple levels of zoom? For example, click to go down one level and option-click to go up one level. Perhaps to keep things tidy, only nodes one level deeper are painted -- as you zoom in, deeper levels are resolved.

This is my pie-in-the-sky wish -- I am not familiar with javascript and can't take this on right now -- but it seems do-able on a visual/UI level. I did notice that mbostock commented here that treemap only shows leaf nodes, but I don't know if this is a design constraint or just a SMOP.

Anyone with any interest in doing this? Possibly for a commission? Thanks.

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It appears the author posted an nearly exact answer my question on his website the day after I posted this question. Whether or not this question prompted the adaptation, I am excited to try it out!

He is calling it "Zoomable Treemap". He also points out a couple other examples on the net.

Thanks, mbostock!

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