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I have modify for making login with mysql.

I want to access the session in

authenticate(function(login, password) {
        var errors = [];
        var user = [];
        userModule.CheckUserLogin(login, password, function(err, results) {
            if(results.length > 0) {
                req.session.login = login;
                return user;
            else {
                if(!user) return ['Login failed'];
        return user;

I have this code in bottom

var app = express.createServer(

  , express.static(__dirname + "/public")
  , express.cookieParser()
  , express.session({ secret: 'htuayreve' })
  , everyauth.middleware()

app.configure(function() {
    app.set('view engine', 'jade');

app.get('/', function(req, res) {
    res.render('home', { users: JSON.stringify(usersByLogin, null, 2) });

If I paste app code from bottom to top then everyayth's routing not worked.I want to simple know how I can access the req.session.login inside everyauth function.

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You can't access the session from your authenticate function. The everyauth way of supporting access the authenticated user's information is for you to provide a findUserById function to everyauth that will look up a user record given the user's id that gets stored in the session during authentication. Once you do that you can access all the user's attributes in your route handlers via req.user.

See the 'Accessing the User' section on the everyauth website.

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