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I have been working on a player for a while, and am having a problem playing flv videos. Specifically, Resuming play after having paused the video. Basically, my problem is this, after the video is loaded, the user clicks the play button. It plays. Then, the user clicks the pause button. It pauses the video. When the play button is clicked again, the video skips for a moment, but then does not play. The video is a NetStream object, attached to a Video object using after it is fully loaded:

ns.soundTransform = mutedSound;
ns.pause(); // resume() can still be called after this, and it will work.

When the user clicks the Play button, it does this:

ns.soundTransform = activeSound;

When the player clicks the Pause button, it does this:

ns.soundTransform = mutedSound;
ns.pause(); // resume() called after this does not work.

When the player clicks the play button again, it does not play.

Some forums have other similar questions where what sounded like my problem was solved by using togglePause(); instead of pause(); and resume(); I already tried this, and changing my code to use togglePause instead of pause and resume did not fix my problem. Several other forums fix similar problems by not using seek(0); or changing how they use it. I have tried without using seek, and it still does not work.

*note: I am using the BulkLoader to load my videos. I can post code for this if needed, but for now I wanted to keep it short and, hopefully, relevant.

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Yes, that line ns.play("Test/testSlide.flv") seems fishy because you are using BulkLoader to load the FLV. When you pass a String to the play() method, it tells it to load the file from that path, so what is the BulkLoader doing? – Sunil D. Jun 7 '12 at 22:44
I updated my code and my question to match. I removed the ns.play, and it now plays what the BulkLoader preloaded properly, but still has the same resume issue after pausing with the pause button. Also, bulkloader is loading many files, not all of them flv files, for this player. flvs are the only types causing troubles. – KDM Jun 7 '12 at 23:20

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