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Are you able to train a DecisionTreeClassifier with string data?

When I try to use String data I get a ValueError: could not converter string to float

clf = DecisionTreeClassifier()[['asdf', '1'], ['asdf', '0']], ['2', '3'])

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You need to transform string-valued features to numeric ones in a NumPy array; DictVectorizer does that for you.

samples = [['asdf', '1'], ['asdf', '0']]
# turn the samples into dicts
samples = [dict(enumerate(sample)) for sample in samples]

# turn list of dicts into a numpy array
vect = DictVectorizer(sparse=False)
X = vect.fit_transform(samples)

clf = DecisionTreeClassifier(), ['2', '3'])

Remember to use vect.transform on the test samples, after converting those to dicts.

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Cool, I 100% support you grabbing the link from my answer and removing the reference to my answer, and then I'll delete my answer. Yours is better. – Rob Neuhaus Jun 8 '12 at 15:22
@rrenaud: ok, done that. Feel free to leave your answer around, though. – larsmans Jun 8 '12 at 15:26

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