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I'm making a good progress using Web2py and Google App Engine, but now I have to decide how to store images without waste GAE resources!

I have a "table" were I store products. Each product can have a maximum of 12 picutes.

When I request the product page, lets say: /product/7484/

I need only the product informations, without the pictures, but GAE engine get all fields from datastore! I thought that using Google App Engine Projection Queries, this could be solved and I would only fetch the fields I need!

Is that possible with Web2py or will I have to change my database to store imagens on another "table"?

I only will need fetch each picute field when they get requested by browser... but now, each picture requested cause the whole product entity being fetched from database!

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We have it as an experimental feature in trunk. Perhaps you can help us test it. Nothing special to do just the usual:

db(query).select(db.table.field1, db.table.field2, etc.)

unless the query selects a single record by id, the arguments of select are converted into a projection query. Unfortunately GAE does not support projection for get_by_id().

Thanks to Christian (howesc) who pulled this off within 24 hrs from you requesting the feature. Please join us on the web2py google group if you can help testing.

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I put some tests here. Thanks Massimo and howesc! – Alex Benfica Jun 12 '12 at 12:55

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