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I am implementing the nerd dinner example in MVC2. The problem which I am having is with the map. The map which is Ajax enabled does not display properly on the webpage i.e. the actual map is shown out of the div element inside of which it should actually be displaying.

            <div id="mapDiv">
              <% Html.RenderPartial("Map", Model.Dinner); %>

The above is the code in my dinner form which call my Map.ascx . Map.ascx calls the loadmap function which comes from the Map.js and these files have been directly copied from the guide book. I have tried opening the form in different browsers but the map is still out of place.

I have checked the code but seem to be missing some very small detail. Any help would be much appreciated for this noob problem. Sorry unable to upload pics because of less "reputation" points.


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I have found an article here http://forums.asp.net/t/1569315.aspx/1 . Give it try, and see how it works...

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Thank you for that exactly what i needed. –  sa1986 Jul 5 '12 at 21:42

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