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I'm trying to reset my shared database on Heroku.

I've tried the following commands:

heroku pg:reset DATABASE
heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE
heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE_URL
heroku pg:reset DATABASE_URL

Every time I receive the error "Resource not found" despite these being in my environment vars (heroku config) and working with my application.

Anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Thanks!

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I just got this feedback from Heroku support:

Hi, this is due to a bug in the heroku client. An updated release should be out later today >or monday.

You may want to instead take this opportunity to try out the new dev databases: https://postgres.heroku.com/blog/past/2012/4/26/heroku_postgres_development_plan/

June 08, 2012 09:47

Looks like you have to wait around or use the dev databases.

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