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I've a form with this radio button:

     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="1" /> Sunday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="2" /> Monday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="3" /> Tuesday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="4" /> Wednesday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="5" /> Thursday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="6" /> Friday</li>
     <li><input type="checkbox" name="repeat_period_week_day" value="7" /> Saturday</li>

On form submission, I would like check which of these radios were ticked by user. Is it possible to verify without looping? I mean is there in CFML a function similar to the in_array() found PHP or something close ?

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By default, the values of all the checkboxes that were checked will be submitted as a comma-delimited list. So if Sunday and Saturday were checked and the form submitted, you'd end up with:

form.repeat_period_week_day= "1,7"

If you wanted to find out if the Saturday box was checked, you could use the ListFind() function like so:

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A truly simple and accurate example. You should provide some code for him. –  Evik James Jun 7 '12 at 23:54
As a side note. This is the behaviour of all URL or FORM parameters that are repeated one than once. They get concatenated into a list of the values. –  baynezy Jun 8 '12 at 14:40
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