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I'm trying to use the code from this Tutorial: to do login via facebook: My controller code looks like:

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

 class User extends CI_Controller {

public function __construct()

function index() {

function facebook() {
    if (!$this->fb_connect->user_id) {
        echo 'not ok';
        $fb_uid = $this->fb_connect->user_id;
        $fb_usr = $this->fb_connect->user;
        print_r($fb_usr); // Printing to show all available variables
        // Do your processing here after login. May be you can check if first time user then can register in your database. 
        echo 'ok';          


function loginByFacebook() {
    $param['redirect_uri'] = site_url("user/facebook");
    $param['scope'] = 'email, publish_stream,user_birthday,offline_access'; // Set the required access here

After calling the login I'll be redirected to facebook, asked for permissions and redirected to my application but then I get always the not ok message string which means, that the user is not connected. So what am I doing wrong?

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