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I need a JavaScript method to detect when the mouse leaves an element with id="myDiv" within an if() statement.

I cannot use the JS "onmouseout" event embedded in my HTML. I must be able to detect onmouseout inside an if() statement if at all possible.

Here is the basic syntax I was thinking of, but it doesn't make sense as is (and hasn't been working):

if(document.getElementById("myDiv").onmouseout) // if mouse leaves <div id="myDiv">
  //code to be executed

I prefer legit "Google Gadget JavaScript", which may be slightly different. But if you know of a JavaScript solution, you're welcome to share it! Thanks in advance!!

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And that doesn't work because... ? – MaxArt Jun 8 '12 at 0:06
I need a lot of things as well, but at least I try and show that I'm doing some kind of effort to be rewarded with some help ... your not! – balexandre Jun 8 '12 at 0:07
I already have called an onmouseout for the same element, and I'm dealing within a second onmouseout from parent elements. – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:08
What exactly do you try to achieve with that if-condition? The onmouseout property would hold an event handler function. – Bergi Jun 8 '12 at 0:09
I need a method to determine if the mouse has left an element within a function – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:11
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It should be used like this:

document.getElementById("myDiv").onmouseout = function(){
    //code to be executed
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But I'm not sure this works in Google Gadget code – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:11
Why not?​​​​​​​ – Derek 朕會功夫 Jun 8 '12 at 0:12
I already tried it: _gel("myDiv").onmouseout = function() – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:14
What does _gel("Div") return? – Derek 朕會功夫 Jun 8 '12 at 0:15
Will be soon. The situation isn't just "Hello World" easy, but I'm on a roll again! Thanks for the help... – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:21

Maybe now I get what you mean...

document.getElementById("myDiv").onmouseout = function(e) {
    if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();
    else e.cancelBubble = true;
    // code to be executed

In this way, the onmouseout event doesn't propagate to the ancestors of #myDiv.

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That was smart, and nearly exactly what i need! (my code above will integrate some of this). My main error was a small typo :-) – Wagtail Jun 8 '12 at 0:19

Got it working with Derek's suggestion:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ModulePrefs title="hello world example" />
<Content type="html"><![CDATA[
<div id="myDiv">Hello, world!</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
_gel("myDiv").onmouseout = function(getScroll){
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