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I'm looking to produce an effect of light sources in KineticJS. I'm trying to accomplish this by having various objects in the background, and a layer of multiple low-alpha Rect objects filled with radial gradient patterns.

The effect is quite satisfying, and I've been playing with getting various effects by fiddling with the gradient parameters

simple radial high eccentricity radial

The trouble is I've only managed to get one light source so far, since a second Rect on top of this one will impede visibility of the one behind it. I'm sure there's some sort of composite operational jiggery-pokery I can carry out that will get me the union of two or more radial gradients, but I've not had much luck under my own steam. Any suggestions?

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Can you share your code with a working Codepen/jsFiddle/jsBin? –  Alejandro Iglesias Aug 28 '12 at 21:50

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