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I have a Microsoft SQL server 2005 and I tried to enable Broker for my database with those T-SQL:

 SELECT name, is_broker_enabled FROM sys.databases 
 -- checking its status 0 in my case

The Alter Database takes long time to process. It is now over half hour and it is still running. Not sure if it is waiting for something else or I have to clean up anything first, such as delete all the messages, contract, queue and services under service broker?

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alter database [<dbname>] set enable_broker with rollback immediate;
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what is the effect of "with rollback immediate"? –  A.Dara Apr 22 at 11:54
@A.Dara You cannot alter a database as long as there are transactions pending. Rollback immediate will terminate all of these. –  libjup Apr 27 at 13:33

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