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I'd like to set some catch all routes in expressjs

I have three levels



If module route does not exist send to 404 route equally if the module exists but the page doesn't send to 404 route.

404 replies in html


As above, but 404 equivalent would reply in json

Regex is killing me so if any one can help me out my hairline would much appreciate it. :) I've thought of using a route look-up table but I want to try and do it the 'express' way.

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Just set up the routes for /module /module/page (or maybe you wanted something like /module/:page_id)

and at the bottom of all routes you want to add

 app.use(function(req,res) { 
               { locals: {'title':'Not Found'}, }, 
               function(err,str) { res.send(str,404); } ); 

if nothing matches the catch all snaps!

this is from that thread over in the google groups https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/express-js/aYLM4e1I4XU

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