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I have PHP5 skills and would now like to start learning Rails. I have a Baby plan with Hostgator, and I have started working through some guides to get Refinery setup. My concern is that I am doing things the slow and stupid way. Can anyone suggest whether I would be better off if I created my Rails RefineryCMS site on my local machine then migrated to my remote host, or would this be more of a mess for a new guy? Trying to get my portfolio site live as soon as reasonable. Thanks

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You would run it locally on localhost so you can test it out while developing. Once its ready you can deploy to your remote host.

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NP, good luck with the learning! – flynfish Jun 8 '12 at 3:41

To develop a new app you should always start it locally, since you are just starting is better if you try to understand rails before start using a CMS.

Hostgator support for rails sucks, but http://www.heroku.com/ is the best server ever and it is free for small stuff.

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Oh awesome, I think I seen Heroku before a friend showed me a while back but I forgot to try it. Definitely a good idea, great. you guys are awesome I appreciate the help! – Ryan Hell Jun 8 '12 at 4:03

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