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I have a site that I want to include Google Adsense ads on, where the ads only appear inside an area that is accessed when a user logs in.

In the Google Adsense interface, one can go to Account Settings -> Access and authorization -> Crawler access and set up a login account for the Google web crawler to see the login area.

However, the three types of login available are POST, GET and htaccess. I have tried all three and none work.

In my case, the user logs in by going to a page called login.html, where they enter their login information, and press a button that is driven by Javascript. It sends JSON data to the server, and if the user is okay, then they are redirected to a different page.

I can't see if there's a way to configure Adsense to deal with this. When I test the login access, it shows my the login screen only, which seems to indicate it stops there and does not actually access the restricted pages.

Is there something I can do to make sure that Google Adsense can login while preserving my login method?

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The idea is that you make a request similar to the ajax request your normally do.

Restricted Directory or URL: www.example.com/members/

Login URL: www.example.com/login.ajax.php

Login method: POST or GET depending on whether the parameters of your ajax request are send as POST data or GET data.

Parameters: Add all the parameters which you send along with ajax request normally. So this will likely be a usr and pwd parameter. And if you are sending a single parameters with both the usr and pwd then that's also fine, as you can simply make a parameter like data (depending on what you call it in your code) with {usr:"adsense_username",pwd:"password"} as a literal string for example.

If you have trouble figuring it out please copy the code which does the ajax request.

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Well I guess that you are loggin in the same domain while adsense is doing Json from a different domain. I advice you JsonP. It will work cross domain

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Adsense is doing a non-javascript request in the first place (the crawler) using the cookies to 'authenticate' for all the requests in the restricted directory or URL. –  David Mulder Jun 16 '12 at 15:33
Sorry, I thought you could give a link in get (jsonp) to allow to go throu so instead of a javascript request I thought it could follow a link that would generate a session (cookies?). But if it isn't the case sorry for bothering –  regrunge Jun 16 '12 at 23:21

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