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When trying to execute store procedure in sql server from c++ i am getting ce = {DB_E_ERRORSINCOMMAND}

c++ code is


executing from command object..

store procedure look like this

create PROCEDURE [dbo].[InsertTicketDetails]
DECLARE @inputXml XML;
set @inputXml = '<Record><studentid>143</studentid></Record>';

INSERT INTO dbo.sample (studentid)
        @inputXml.value( 'studentid[1]', 'int' ) AS studentid        
    FROM @inputXml.nodes('/Record') a(y)

here inserstion is done with xml, if insertion done without xml working properly. i think it problem with xml or we cant access the xml functionality of sql server from c++?

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please show your ADO code please? –  Preet Sangha Jun 8 '12 at 6:19

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The error is not in ADO it's in to your SQL which is returning a NULL. I suspect dbo.sample (studentid) doesn't allow nulls.

change the insert statement to:

INSERT INTO dbo.sample (studentid)
    @inputXml.value( '(/Record/studentid)[1]', 'int' ) AS studentid         


INSERT INTO dbo.sample (studentid)
    @inputXml.value( '(//studentid)[1]', 'int' ) AS studentid         
FROM @inputXml.nodes('/Record') a(y) 
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problem is this store procedure not working with ado. when i try to execute from sqlserver execution done and inserted properly. when i m executing from my application it throws exception. if i removed xml functionality it working correctly. –  Karthi Jun 8 '12 at 5:20

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