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Hi friends is their any way to count number of values for a particular key of a dictionary in django templates

like suppose i have a dict

  y =  { 1:('A', 'B','C'), 2:('C','D','E','F') }

I am passing this dict. from my django views and i want to count the number of values for each key in my django templates to perform some particular task.

i tried with count but it is not working ........any idea

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The built-in template filter length should help.
The length filter is described thusly in the Django Book:

length: Returns the length of the value. You can use this on a list or a string, or any Python object that knows how to determine its length (i.e., any object that has a __len__() method).


  {% for k,v in y.items %}
    <li>key: {{ k }} has {{ v|length }} value(s)</li>
  {% endfor %}
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