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I've been trying to get Visual Studio 2012 Professional RC installed (upgrading from VS 11 Beta on Windows 7 x64) and I'm finding that the installer seems to "hang" at seemingly arbitrary times. I use quotes, because the installer UI is still completely responsive; it just seems to sit there and refuse to go any further. What I have observed is the following:

  • An instance of msiexec.exe (32-bit, running as SYSTEM) pins one of my 4 cores.
  • 2 instances of vs_professional.exe appear to be running (both using my identity). One of them (the main UI instance) is constantly using 1-2% CPU, presumably while it goes about its business to see if the progress bar has to be updated etc.; the other instance does not appear to use any CPU at all.
  • An instance of ngen.exe appears to be sitting doing nothing i.e. no CPU usage.

When I run setup and specify the log file location, I can see the installer generate log files for all the components it successfully installs. When it gets to the package that "hangs" (which is different every time I run the installer), the common denominator every time is that it has just made a call to ngen.exe to generate a native image during the install. This hang occurs regardless of whether I'm attempting to do an install, an uninstall or a repair

I've tried leaving the machine to do its thing overnight, sometimes for up to 16 hours and when I come back it's still stuck at the same point. If I cancel setup from the UI, I see a message in the UI saying "Stopping current session", but nothing appears to happen. If I kill the ngen.exe process, I can see in the log file that the installer moves onto generating/uninstalling another native image, which again causes a hang. If I kill the non-active vs_professional.exe after clicking cancel in the UI, installation ends successfully with an "X of Y components were installed/uninstalled successfully" message.

Any ideas/suggestions? I'm at my wit's end trying to get this mess cleaned up!

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You by any chance have Trend Micro AntiVirus installed/running? –  leppie Jun 8 '12 at 5:20
Nope. I do have Microsoft Security Essentials installed though. Will try disabling it, running the install again and report back. –  Graham Watts Jun 8 '12 at 5:44
I have not had issues with MSE. Just TM's realtime filter. –  leppie Jun 8 '12 at 5:46
Yeah I'm still seeing the same problems with MSE disabled, so it's not that. –  Graham Watts Jun 8 '12 at 6:37
I've got the same problem. I have also seen this behaviour before with various Visual Studio-related installers and update packages in 2010. If I kill ngen.exe's parent msiexec.exe I can get the setup to move on, but obviously I shouldn't need to do that and it's probably leaving something in an inconsistent state. –  mroach Sep 5 '12 at 19:00

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I had a very similar situation with the VS2012 Update 2.

I found that you can resume the suspended ngen processes and get through the install completely, but I did so by installing all the components individually (using the /layout param for the setup file).

Another note: If you look at the suspended ngen process and the command args it was started with, you can run ngen with the same args and it will execute successfully.

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I spent the better part of a day fighting this same problem. I had success by creating a new windows profile and running the install from there. I was using Windows 8 x64 (which made everything that much more frustrating)

Hope that helps somebody.

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