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I'm trying to get text value inside an li tag, but it has another tag that I don't want


<li><a class="close">x</a>text</li>
<li><a class="close">x</a>more text</li>
<li><a class="close">x</a>wohoooo more text</li>

I can get tag like so

$("ul li").text();

but it also captures x from a. How do I remove the a tag? There's gotta be a simple solution that I'm not familiar with,


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$("ul li").contents(':not(.close)').text()

children() does not return text nodes; to get all children including text and comment nodes, use .contents() http://api.jquery.com/children/

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Custom Pseudo-Class Filter

Write your own expression for grabbing textnodes:

$.extend( $.expr[":"], {
    textnodes: function( e ) {
        return e.nodeType === 3;

$("ul li").contents(":textnodes");

Resulting in the following collection:

["text","more text","wohoooo more text"]

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jonathansampson/T3MQc/

Custom Method

You could also extend jQuery.fn to provide your own method:

$.extend( $.fn, {
    textnodes: function() {
        return $(this).contents().filter(function(){
            return this.nodeType === 3;

$("ul li").textnodes();

This results in the same output we see above.

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jonathansampson/T3MQc/1/

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Interesting concept, Thank you. I'll keep this noted. –  andrewliu Jun 8 '12 at 15:37

This is pretty ugly, but it works. It clones the node, then removes all children and finally prints the text that's left:

$('ul li').clone()

Managed to pull a nicer version from information fond here: How do I select text nodes with jQuery?

$('ul li').contents().filter(function() {
    return this.nodeType == 3;
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$('ul li')
   .contents()   // target to contents of li
   .filter(function() {    
      return this.nodeType == 3;  // filtering over textnode
}).text();  // get the text value


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