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I have a sample set of strings that I want to encrypt, for the password what I want is to hash it.(I made some online research but I'm a bit overwhelmed/confused with how they implement it)

I'm fairly new to security in web development, I'm currently a student and I want to learn how to create secure web applications. (It would be nice if you could show how I could implement hashing and encryption with my codes. blowfish,sha256,md5)

$salt = "308lk;f9vm.h-!@";

$user = "billgates@hotmail.com";

$password = "ra89232_11";
$name = "Microsoft";
$address = "Redmond, Seattle";
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Arguably the best: stackoverflow.com/questions/4795385/… –  PhpMyCoder Jun 8 '12 at 6:11

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To save you some hard work I'd recommend you using an already established library to do this. For example phpass or PHP-PasswordLib

I'm not going in more for details but instead I'd just reference you to some similar questions and possible duplicates that cover your questions.

How do you use bcrypt for hashing passwords in PHP?

Secure hash and salt for PHP passwords

Is this a secure method, oop (The first part)

Encryption: Best way to use PHP to encrypt and decrypt?

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