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I'm attempting to setup a generic Pyramid project to work with uWSGI through Cherokee, but constantly get a "no app loaded" error. All the research I've done doesn't really give me much to go on. Anyone have any ideas? Please note that I 'am' using a virtualenv via virtualenvwrapper.

This is from my development.ini

socket =
master = true
processes = 1
virtualenv = /home/user/.virtualenvs/pyramid/
pythonpath = /home/user/Projects/ConventionMeStatic

And this is the command I've been trying to use to launch it: /usr/bin/uwsgi --ini development.ini --plugin python.

I can post any further details but there have been no other changes made to the project itself.

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You have specified a virtualenv and a pytonpath, but you have not specified which app to load.

If you have a single-file app you can load that file with the --wsgi-file option, if you have a deployment.ini file you can use the --paste option as described here


or the --ini-paste shortcuts described in examples section of the uwsgi wiki

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That's a very true statement. The confusing thing however is that every guide I've seen so far hasn't either. It seems that it might be a weird version of uWsgi as it returns 'uwsgi: unrecognized option '--paste'. For reference it's Ubuntu 12.04 fully updated. – William Chambers Jun 8 '12 at 8:01
be sure to put the --plugin option before the --paste one – roberto Jun 9 '12 at 3:11
I can't thank you enough roberto, you've just made my day. – William Chambers Jun 9 '12 at 3:29

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