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Hallo dear Stackoverflow users,

I searched on google and the so forum, but haven't found anything.

I am working with an excel similar too for reporting. In this report a user can create a new instance. Many instances can be created.

When a new measure is created new rows are created and the information of the measure is saved in these new rows.

When a new measure is created the new measure isn't always all at the bottom of the measure list, but is somewhere in the list, since it is a ordered list.

My question is the following. I need to be able to see the last created measure by having the cursor move automatically to the last generated row.

Either by searching all the values in a column and then going to the cell that contains that specific value, or by jumping to the last generated row if that is possible.

I don't know what function could be used.

I know that i can move to a specified cell

with ' ActiveSheet.Cells(yColumn, xRow).Select ' This selects C5 on the active sheet: ActiveSheet.Cells(5, 3).Select

Any tips are greatly appreciated ; )

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I can think about some ways to keep track of the latest entry for each columns.

  • Color the cell in red for instance

Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 3

  • Store the row number in an other cell

Range("A1").Value = ActiveCell.Row

  • Use defined names

Let's say you are going to call your latest entry cell "LastEntry"

ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="LastEntry", RefersTo:=ActiveCell

Then, it is pretty straight forward to search.

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