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I have two groups of checboxes, when i click on first group of checkboxes the second group of checkbox should be unchecked. but the second checkbox unchecked when I click on first checkbox two times. here is my javascript code

            function uncheck0(){
                for(var ii=1; ii<=3; ii++){
            function uncheck(id, from, to){
                for(var ii=from; ii<=to; ii++){

and here is my html code first group has radio-buttons and second has checkboxes

<p>IF YES: When will the review begin?</p>
            <label  for="q6"><input type="radio" class="styled" value="Within the next 12 months" name="q6[]" id="q6_1">Within the next 12 months</label>
            <label  for="q6"><input type="radio" class="styled" value="Within the next 24 months" name="q6[]" id="q6_2">Within the next 24 months</label>
            <label  for="q6"><input type="radio" class="styled" value="We are currently doing it" name="q6[]" id="q6_3">We are currently doing it</label><br>
        <p>IF NO: Why Not</p>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Lack of budget" name="q6[]" id="q6_4">Lack of budget</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Lack of resource" name="q6[]" id="q6_5">Lack of resource</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Do not see the need" name="q6[]" id="q6_6">Do not see the need</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Lack of know how/expertise" name="q6[]" id="q6_7">Lack of know how/expertise</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Complexity" name="q6[]" id="q6_8">Complexity</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Contractual obligations" name="q6[]" id="q6_9">Contractual obligations</label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q5"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Other" name="q6[]" id="q6_10">Other </label>
            <label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q5a">Please state</label><input type="text" value="" id="q6a" name="q6a">

I have use a javascript file "custom-form-element.js" for checkbox and radio styling

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I may be wrong, but I don't think that's how you define checkbox and radio names. All grouped radio buttons should have the same name, and all checkboxes should have different names - I don't think using [] actually assigns them to an array. – Scott S Jun 8 '12 at 6:56
Also, why did you put the function call on the label onclick, instead of the checkbox itself. You click that, not the label. – Carlo Jun 8 '12 at 6:59
name is not issue i get radio buttons and checkboxes by ID – Symfony Jun 8 '12 at 6:59
But that's not the correct way to do it: w3schools.com/html/html_forms.asp – Carlo Jun 8 '12 at 7:01
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Move the onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" from the labels to the input boxes.
Your final code should look something like:

<label for="q6">
    <input type="checkbox" onclick="uncheck('q6',1,3);" class="styled" value="Lack of budget" name="q6[]" id="q6_1">Lack of budget</label>
<label onclick="uncheck('q6_',1,3);" for="q6_2"><input type="checkbox" class="styled" value="Lack of resource" name="q6[]" id="q6">Lack of resource</label>
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You need to have a default "checked" value

 <input type="checkbox" checked="true">

Otherwise, your code will think it is not checked then set the value as "checked" then the 2nd click will "unchecked" it.

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Actually this is wrong the checked property has no value it is only present or not. – pasx Jun 8 '15 at 23:29

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